Illustration by Brian Smith

Illustration hand-painted by Brian Smith

Lake Highlands offers an ever-changing landscape. Developments rise and crumble, street names change, glam condos become code-violating catastrophes. Bulldozers raze modest mid-century built homes, making way for McMansions. Schools expand and multiply to accommodate a growing population. In moments of nostalgia, some reflect on changes witnessed. But there lie deeper memories beneath this ground now called Lake Highlands. Those who dig have uncovered a few.

Illustration by Brian Smith

Illustration by Brian Smith

History happened here

ArdeliaForest Lane and Audelia

The birthplace of the integrated circuit, Texas Instruments TI Boulevard at I-635

Little Egypt Border, Ferndale and Shoreview

Tiny Town: Buckingham, Abrams at Centennial/Buckingham

History lessons

Dallas Cowboys practice facility, Forest Lane and Abrams

Hamilton Park, 12225 Willowdell

Unstable plan: ‘Hilltop’ racetrack, Moss Park, North

A history of violence

Homicidal Housewife, Arbor Trail Drive

The lunch lady murder, Lake Highlands High School

Zodiac Killer at 
the lake?, Lawther Drive

Traveling gang fight, Flag Pole Hill

Historic remains

McCree Cemetery, 9920 Audelia

Historic Latrines, Flag Pole Hill

Still here: Harry’s House, Moss Farm subdivision

Before Richland, Abrams at Walnut Street

Ruth May, Moss, North

Illustration by Brian Smith

Illustration by Brian Smith

Weird history

Haunted House, 7800 block of Blackbird Lane

Unsolved UFO sighting, Old Lake Highlands/White Rock Lake

The Cold Spot, White Rock Creek