The 2,000-square-foot, dark-brick abode built in 1963 sits on attractive thicketed land inside the desirable White Rock Elementary school zone. But this house has a dark history. More than one occupant over the years has told the Advocate about strange occurrences at the address. Brian Hart’s family lived there for only a short time that seemed like forever — there was a weird feeling, ever present, he said in 2011, “and that’s before we even knew what had happened.” A more-recent owner, Stephanie Canada, told us that the television set sometimes turned on in the middle of the night, changed channels and refused to power off. Four violent deaths have happened in the Lake Highlands home; the most notorious took place Feb. 27, 1985, when Koby Sandovsky and Lesia Kahl, a Playboy model, were murdered during a drug deal gone bad. A wife killed her unfaithful husband there. Another inhabitant committed suicide. Ghosts and all, Canada told us she loved the house and planned to stay there until her own (hopefully peaceful and natural) demise.

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