Stock wine image: Photo by Can Türkyilmaz

“718 N.Buckner Blvd #332  Dallas TX 75218.”

Aside from a name, in blood-red letters on a black background, “Le Caveau Vinotheque,” that address is just about all the new website offers. So, something mysterious and exotic is moving into the uncertain shopping center behind the eco-venience store, The Green Spot?

Well, maybe exotic, but not so mysterious anymore, since Teresa Gubbins at Culture Map tracked down owner Thierry Plumettaz, “a food and beverage veteran who began his career in Dallas in the ’80s at the Mansion on Turtle Creek and who was most recently a representative for Kobrand Wine & Spirits, the high-end distributor of labels such as Cakebread and Taittinger,” she notes.

The boutique will be small and focused, an antidote to the big box spirits stores. He tells her he has an exclusive collection that will appeal to “the hardcore oenophiles.” And that it should open in, perhaps, August.