Austin Silva

The Lake Highlands community has been holding its collective breath for nine long days as rising Wildcat senior Austin Silva clung to life in the Children’s Medical Center ICU after going into cardiac arrest during routine wisdom tooth removal.

Thursday afternoon, heartbroken parents David and Suzanne issued this statement:

After nine days here at Children’s Medical, Austin’s journey with us is near its end. The nature of Austin’s brain injury has ended up being so severe that recovery is simply not possible, and we expect him to pass away imminently. While we have been ready for a miracle, God’s plan has seemed to direct us elsewhere. No one should ever have to write these words, and they are even harder to accept, but that is where we are.

We are thankful for the testimony of his life. By the world’s standards, he has a great resume. In spite of that, the most important thing he would say about himself would be his relationship with Jesus. There has never been a harder period for the Silva family than this last one. We have only have been sustained by the Lord and your ferocious prayers and love.

Austin now has an opportunity to continue giving. Pray for the families that will benefit from his organs in the coming days. As we begin this process, we will be with him as the hospital staff leads us through the next steps.

We love our army of family and friends from Lake Highlands, Watermark Community Church, Dallas, Fort Worth, Temple, and too many other places to mention. We ask for your continued prayers for our family. We look forward to celebrating his life another date. Thank you.