Police link four 2016-2017 shootings to a silver Toyota and two ‘slender, black males’ in their late 20s

Police video

It was shocking, even in a part of town that sees a distressing amount of gun violence. On Oct. 24, 2016, following a long day searching for work at area or fix-it shop, 48-year-old Adan Zavala was crossing the breezeway of a north Lake Highlands area apartment community, where he lived with his wife, when someone shot and killed him.

At the time police said a “silver-colored four door vehicle with black or no hub caps on the wheels” was possibly involved, and they released video of said vehicle, which they later determined to be a Toyota. Last February, Detective Steven David, who is working the case, described Zavala as an innocent man who had been riding public transportation all day, going from one body shop and auto-repair business to another.

“His last stop was a shop near the Jupiter DART station,” the detective noted. At that point, he had managed to determine the car was a 2007-2008 Toyota, likely a Yaris, but that was about it.

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Now police believe the same car, as well as the same occupants, described as black males, 25-30 years old, are responsible for other violent crimes in the area.

Less than a month after Zavala was gunned down, Fernando Puente met the same fate at the Madison Apartments on Jupiter Road.

Last April 24, the car was again linked to a robbery and shooting. “Armando Ruiz-Chavez was robbed at gunpoint at 9747 Forest Lane at the Courtyard Village Apartments. This complainant was also shot during the robbery,” police say.

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Last May 6, a man named Jose Ortega also was shot during a robbery, this time at the Montecito Apartments.

All of these incidents happened in the Lake Highlands/Northeast Dallas area.

Anyone with information regarding theses offenses is asked to please contact Detective David with the Crimes Against Persons department at 214.283.4834.

We plan to post information as we learn more.

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