Suspect Brandon Perry

Sunday night, at about 9, Dallas Police found 39-year-old Tylor Borner bleeding to death inside an apartment on Royal Lane, near Abrams, across the street from Walgreens drug store. Borner died from his injuries at nearby Presbyterian Hospital. By the end of the night, 35-year-old Brandon Perry was in police custody, suspected of murdering Borner.

According to a warrant of arrest, patrol officer Scot Ansley — who happens to be one of the (then) rookie cops Advocate photographer Danny Fulgencio and I rode along with on the night shift about a year ago — was working at 8500 Abrams (speed enforcement sometimes is set up here) when he heard several gunshots ring out from across the street. He rushed to the crime scene where he saw a victim on the ground and a witness standing by. She told Ansley she saw “Brandon running away with a gun.”

When detectives arrived, several other witnesses identified “Brandon,” and one interview gave authorities reason to believe the suspect was still on the property and inside a particular apartment. Sure enough, when they knocked on the (unidentified) unit, the suspect exited the back, jumped off the balcony and fled from the officers. Police swarming the area quickly caught up to him.

Perry denies shooting Borner. He was arrested on an unrelated warrant and later charged with murder. He is at Dallas County Jail, held on a $200,000 bond.