Yeah, that Cowboys-loving, guitar shredding American? She’s from here.

In fact, not only was Annie Clark, now known as musical artist St. Vincent, reared right here in Lake Highlands, she also is still quite involved and invested in our neighborhood. Yep, her sister and brother-in-law own the boutique taco restaurant Resident Taqueria, where she helped out during the eatery’s October 2015 grand opening.

Since releasing her first album 10 years ago, the 2001 Lake Highlands High School graduate has received beaucoups of praise for her virtuosic guitar work and avant garde style, both musical and aesthetic. She’s performed on Saturday Night Live and at the 2014 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction and so far her biggest scandal has been that burrito-bashing incident in 2015, for which she (with pitch-perfect Twitter wit) “deeply apologized.”

Music magazine Dork just published a feature about Clark in which the pop-rock pundits dub her “one of 2017’s biggest returning stars.”

Guitar World magazine

“Her latest album was a genre-defying art masterpiece,” they write, mentioning her appearance last month on Guitar World magazine’s cover. She’s wearing a bikini T-shirt, “poking fun at the more-than-slightly problematic history of guitar rock female objectification.”

Dork also points out that her winning personality made hers the best Apple Music’s Beats One radio show:

“Out of all the Drakes, Eltons and Pharrells, St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service was by far the best. The show had a simple premise of Annie talking to a caller while providing them with their own specially curated playlist based on a theme or subject. An utter delight, it showed a human and relatable side to an emerging pop character who has no truck with mystery or aloof detachment. St Vincent is just like all of us. Except, you know, really good at singing and playing guitar and stuff.”

We learn some things about Clark’s side projects and a possible 2017 album: She composed the soundtrack for Kristen Stewart’s forthcoming film ‘Come Swim’, and she’s involved in working on anthology horror film ‘XX’ …

As we noted a few weeks back, Clark also influenced her good buddy, fellow musician, Nellie Furtado, to work in Dallas, where Furtado filmed much of her latest video in a Lake Highlands home where she and Clark once visited an estate sale. (The house in said video is so old-school Lake Highlands, those who grew up here should beware of a deep and momentarily debilitating nostalgia.)

She told Guitar Magazine of the soon-to-be-complete new album, “I think it’ll be the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done.” Score one — we can hope — for 2017.