If you recognize this submitted photo, let us know. Isn't it the best?

If you recognize this submitted photo, let us know. As the Facebook people say, “too good not to share.”

Update: We received an email from Kari Urban who says, “Where on Earth did you get that picture?” She adds, “It was actually not Halloween, but a costume birthday party! Those pictured graduated LHHS in 1983. L to R: Bill Usry, Robert Gray, Christine Wubbena, Tom Hughes, Kari Adams Urban, Doug Bond, Paul Stover, Rex Calvert, Kelley Handy, Lori Farley Harrell, Lori Potter Dreher, Tim Truitt, Kelly Kimbrough, David Henson, Beth Williams Pelletier

Halloween falls on a Monday this year. That makes it tough, but hang in there, for this is the night of free candy, if you play your cards correctly. (Kids, I must sift through those bags; it’s for your Snickers safety.)

You are likely worn down from extended weekend partying, and in those sexy Ali Hamilton boots no less (why we can’t have nice things, America).

But we have it better than most of America when it comes to grabbing the goodies for our little goblins, at least according to a recent Zillow study of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating.

Dallas falls No. 13 on the list of 20 best cities around the country — not bad, if an ominous numeral.

And the study further breaks it down to best neighborhoods, naming Northeast Dallas No. 1. (Northeast Dallas, for those national-ranking types, means Lake Highlands and the surrounding area). Nearby North Dallas and Far North Dallas take two and three on the list. East Dallas’ M Streets takes fourth, and Oak Lawn rounds out the top five.

Zillow’s researchers looked at home values, density, crime rates and youth population. Here’s the full list.