The Gormans: Tate, April, John, Rory and Greta

The Gormans: Tate, April, John, Rory and Greta. Photo by Carol Toler.

Perfect weather drew big crowds to the Lake Highlands Exchange Club’s 2016 Oktoberfest Saturday – the first year the fundraiser was shifted to Flag Pole Hill due to construction at the LH Town Center. Loyal LH attendees happily followed and newbies, apparently, were drawn to the party’s new location.

“We saw the signs and we were out and we just wanted to come,” said Mark Ellison, a resident of Lochwood who happened to sit next to me on one of the shuttle buses ferrying folks who parked at Norbuck Park, the White Rock DART Station or other remote sites. He and wife, Amber, brought their son, 6, and their daughter, 18 months.

“We saw the signs on Northwest Highway then looked it up online,” Amber told me. “Then we saw on Facebook that some friends planned to go.”

“We just wanted to get out and see some folks enjoying the neighborhood and having fun,” added Mark. “We used to go to the Oktoberfest in Addison, but I’m sure this will be better.”

Asked if they planned to have something eat and drink some beer, they didn’t stutter.

“Absolutely!” said the Ellisons in unison.

You can see my photos from Oktoberfest here.

Though she’s only 9, Elizabeth Meierhofer is an Oktoberfest veteran.

“I’ve been to every Oktoberfest so far,” the Moss Haven 4th grader told me. “I like both locations about equally. I’ve only been here for a few minutes, so I haven’t gotten to do everything yet. I really want to do the zip line and try that Wild Bill’s Soda.”

Caroline Honeycutt jumped in to give her friend the 4-1-1.

“The zip line is not really scary,” said Honeycutt, also a 4th grader at MHE, “but sometimes you’ll crash into the tall wall. That’s a little freaky, but it doesn’t really hurt.” Oh, and don’t miss the strawberry vanilla popcicles, she suggested.

Rory Gorman, also an Oktoberfest veteran and a student at Lake Highlands Elementary, told me her favorite thing about Oktoberfest 2016 so far had been silly string fights in the Kid Zone. She especially enjoyed the cheese pizza, but she hard far too many foods yet to sample to declare a ‘Best of Show’ quite yet, she said.

John Gorman was shaking off a disappointing loss by his kid-pitch baseball team, the Cardinals, just before the event and – even more embarrassing – the way his dad, Exchange Club’s Tate Gorman, kept getting up to announce the bands wearing a chicken hat.

“I’m really excited to hear the other Beastie Boys,” John told me (“they’re called Rhymin n Stealin,” interjected mom, April) and I’m looking forward to the bottomless sodas.”

“It’s fun being over here at Flag Pole Hill,” said April. “At first I admit I was a little put out, especially by the parking situation, but this is awesome, especially the trees and the shade. We’re looking forward to being out here tonight with this lovely weather and getting to see our community.”

If you’d like to support the Exchange Club, it’s not too late. You may donate via their website here or learn more about the many ways they contribute to life in LH here.

Elizabeth Meierhofer, Caroline Hunnicut and Slade Meierhofer

Elizabeth Meierhofer, Caroline Honeycutt and Slade Meierhofer. Photo by Carol Toler.

Mark and Amber Ellison

Mark and Amber Ellison. Photo by Carol Toler.

Oktoberfest. Photo by Carol Toler.

Oktoberfest. Photo by Carol Toler.

Oktoberfest. Photo by Carol Toler.

Oktoberfest. Photo by Carol Toler.