Lake Highlands Trail will connect to White Rock Creek Trail, but how?

That was the topic of discussion at a Tuesday evening public meeting.

As we mentioned in our recent print cover story about Dallas trails, the little Lake Highlands Trail stands to be part of something much bigger once we figure out how to connect it to the White Rock Creek Trail, which will allow users to travel uninterrupted from our neighborhood south, all the way around White Rock Lake or to Fair Park or north to the Richardson trail system.

The consultants from city-contracted RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture have designed three potential trail connections; one already has been nixed due to its disturbance of the blackland prairie at Moss Park, councilman Adam McGough has said. (See our Moss Park: Sacred Grounds story here).

Tuesday they presented the other three possible connections to a group of 150 or so neighbors and took feedback in the form of red and green (no and yes) stickers (as well as comments and questions).

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Yellow lines indicated proposed concrete trail components.


Option B


Option C


Option D

Neighborhood prodigy Holt Mitchell worked up a quick Google map of the three proposed extensions.

While presenters presented, RVi project manager Paul Cozzolino, whose handwriting and listening skills are commendable, took notes in accordance with neighborhood concerns and queries:




They’ll consider all of tonight’s feedback and schedule another meeting, he says.

A representative from the City of Dallas Streets Department also discussed her department’s role in extending the trail from Lake Highlands Town Center.

Here are some snippets from the discussions.

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