Forest Green Library

Dallas City Councilman Adam McGough hosted a meeting last Thursday to seek community input on the city bond election planned for May of 2017. Among the items under consideration: a newly rebuilt Forest Green Library.

Various city departments have been submitting needs assessments, McGough said, and he is looking to assemble a priority list after he travels around District 10, speaking to constituents.

“What I am hearing, first and foremost, is streets and alleys,” said McGough. “I’m also hearing that people are interested in the rebuilding of the Forest Green library. We’ve already purchased the land and done design work. Of all the libraries in our city, this one is in the worst condition, so it’s at the top of our list.”

The property purchased by the city is the former site of North Dallas Day School, 9619 Greenville Avenue near Braum’s, not far from the LH YMCA. The facility cost is estimated at $6-8 million.

In addition, McGough said, folks tell him they want money spent on the city’s parks and trail connections so that they can be more widely used. Funds are also needed in Hamilton Park, where the Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center has been neglected.

Work on city streets is tied to economic development, McGough stressed, particularly through Lake Highlands’ Skillman corridor from the LH Town Center northward past LBJ. There’s also potential for a senior center and other park improvements in Lake Highlands.

“These are the things we all talk and complain about the most.”

The bond, expected to be approximately $800 million, is currently in the “community input” phase, and McGough will host a second meeting Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. at the Willie B. Johnson Recreation Center, 12225 Willowdell.

“The concern would be that we [in Lake Highlands] don’t get our appropriate amount for streets and alleys, so we need to be vocal about that,” said McGough, stressing the need for residents to stay active in the process.

After the bond is crafted, a second round of town hall meetings will be held in January.