Still from NBCDFW footage

As I headed south on Skillman this morning, through that nutso Bermuda triangle that is Skillman-Audelia-I-635 convergence, I noticed one half of the big Skillman sign at the first fork in the road was on the ground, tattered and smeared. At the next grassy knoll, a few feet ahead of I-635, was strewn a pile of black metal and/or plastic … car parts?

This, though. This NBC/DFW video explains everything.

If you’re like me, you’ve now watched that about 5-12 times. OK maybe 15. Maybe to the Dukes of Hazzard Theme tune.

Just. What?

A Dallas police chopper began tracking the car after it was reported stolen, and Garland officers joined the pursuit as the driver led the chase through part of that city. Obviously it ended here in northern Lake Highlands, right at that poor little fence that’s been plowed into more than a few times.

Somehow the driver/suspect, who has not been identified yet, managed to not kill anyone — through seemingly no effort of his own, but pure luck.