After show of opposition to RISD’s White Rock Trail school, support emerges

… in the form of a new website, Update: and a Facebook page.

Screen shot of new website
Screen shot of new website

Late last month we told you about the homeowners who organized in hopes of preventing the construction of a new school near White Rock Trail and Walnut Hill.

The campaign, complete with yard signs and a slick website, has drawn attention, even from TV news media as recently as this week. The Richardson ISD is “facing an uphill battle” when it comes to building the school, according to the WFAA story. Though district spokesman Tim Clark says nothing is stopping them from moving forward with the school’s construction.

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Now a new website has popped up, this one called, indicating that voices from opponents will be met with some voices in support of the new White Rock Trail school.

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“White Rock Elementary is presently overcrowded and projected enrollment numbers continue to rise,” reads the homepage. “To alleviate overcrowding, we need a school. RISD has a plan and funding for a new school at White Rock Trail.”

Though District 10 councilman Adam McGough told us it was not his role to advocate for or against a position, he noted that he has received mail and calls concerning the property; about 85 percent of said correspondence, he said, was in opposition to the new school.

The We Need A School page encourages those who support moving forward with efforts to build the facility to “notify the Dallas City Council that you support the school board’s plans.”

The site does not offer contact information for its creator, so let us know if you did and you would like to add a comment (

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