Wallace vs. Lake Highlands Elementary teachers softball game

Wallace vs. Lake Highlands Elementary teachers softball game

The PTAs sponsoring the softball game tonight between Wallace teachers and Lake Highlands Elementary say it’s all in fun – a chance to fill PTA coffers and foster a strong sense of community, but we’re not sure anyone told that to the teachers. At last year’s event, educators brought their fiery sense of competition (and desire not to embarrass themselves in front of students and parents) for what turned out to be a great game. This year, Wallace first grade teacher Maggie Lamberth will face off against her older sister, LHE’s new principal, Becky Lamberth Stevens.

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Tonight’s matchup will be held at 6 p.m. the Lake Highlands High School softball field (behind the tennis courts). Big crowds are expected so families are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets.

“At LHE, the kids have been buying and trading teacher playing cards, like baseball cards, as a fundraiser for the PTA,” says Corie Pierce, a PTA member. “They’ve been selling t-shirts and practicing cheers, and I’m sure the Wallace kids have been doing similar activities. There’s a lot of excitement for this game.”

The PTAs split profits from concessions, t-shirts and card sales.

“It’s really not a rivalry, but it is a very fun, feel-good community event,” Pierce says. All neighborhood residents are welcome.