Banquet Hall, from the venue's Facebook page

Azure Banquet Hall, from the venue’s Facebook page

Little is known about a teenager who reportedly was shot in the head outside the Azure Banquet Hall at 9200 Skillman, at the I-635 intersection.

The shooting reportedly occurred just after 2 a.m. Monday as people were leaving an event. Police told TV reporters a fight broke out, gunfire erupted, and the young woman was caught in the crossfire.

Though police have not named the victim, the website reports she is a young black woman named Cassandra Subi. The hashtag #RIPSubi also is trending on Twitter, though it is unclear at this point if she is still alive at Presbyterian Hospital, where paramedics transported her following the injury.

Tweets with the hashtag #RIPSubi reveal confusion about the victim's condition

Tweets with the hashtag #RIPSubi reveal confusion about the victim’s condition

“Subi’s family declined to speak with reporters …”Fox 4 News reports, and “police said there were a number of witnesses to the shooting and they are interviewing them in addition to reviewing surveillance video. No arrests have been made.”

We will continue to follow this developing story.