Police arrested three men and two females who they say used a car stolen in the Lake Highlands area to commit robberies at 7-11 stores all over the city. Three of those suspects might appear in that sensational video we showed you last week, where teens used mace to incapacitate the clerk before jumping the counter and making off with a handful of bills.

The Northeast Deployment Unit last Thursday located and identified a stolen silver Toyota Camry traveling southbound along the 9900 block of Ferguson Road, according to police.

The officers, working undercover, recognized the vehicle as one stolen during in the northeast area of Dallas and used in the commission of multiple robberies throughout the metroplex over several days.

Those covert officers followed the car until backup arrived. When the uniformed cops of the Crime Response Team moved in, the occupants attempted to flee, but police caught up to them at a Far East Dallas duplex, in the 8200 block of Ferguson. A search of the residence resulted in the arrest of the three men in the car plus two females subjects. The five arrestees were 18-19 years, police say.

They’ve been linked to at least four convenience store robberies, plus the theft and unauthorized use of that Toyota Camry and evading arrest. They also were charged with two counts of child endangerment, though it is unclear if the child/children were at the home at the time of arrests.