First check presentation for 100 Women of Lake Highlands

First check presentation for 100 Women of Lake Highlands: Lynsey Purl, Gabi Buehring, Veronica Deats, Forerunner’s Zach Garza, Amy Timmerman, Beth Arnold and Crispin Deneault. Not pictured Claire Reyes.

The neighborhood’s newest charity, 100 Women of Lake Highlands, presented its first check Wednesday to Forerunner Mentoring founder Zach Garza. The organization mentors young men without fathers in Lake Highlands, beginning with elementary-aged boys. Forerunner works to fulfill each child’s potential by supporting them in education, character and leadership, while also ministering to the heart.

“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to serve Lake Highlands,” Garza told 100 Women board members Lynsey Purl, Gabi Buehring, Veronica Deats, Amy Timmerman, Beth Arnold and Crispin Deneault (Claire Reyes is also on the board).

“We couldn’t be doing what we are doing without people like you guys. What you guys are doing is incredible to make Lake Highlands a better place. We are so grateful and so humbled that you would even consider us. You are allowing us to do what we do.”

Though 100 Women actually had 220 join in its first couple of weeks, it is based on the idea that 100 busy women would sign up simply to write a check for charity – no bake sales, no required shifts, nothing to sell. (Technically, each member wrote a check directly to Forerunner, enabling their individual donations, totaling $22,000, to be tax deductible.)

100 Women will meet again in a few months to select another charity – they’ll donate to 3 groups per year.

“100 Women of Lake Highlands is proud to support Forerunner Mentoring Group as our inaugural beneficiary,” Deneault told me. “Forerunner is an admirable organization that is truly affecting the lives of young men living in our community. With a combined donation of $22,000, we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things they will accomplish with this sizable donation.”