The Backus Shell station with its familiar prize car out front is gone for good.

Bulldozers have scraped the remains and smoothed the sand.

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Ferndale and Northwest

Ferndale and Northwest

And Monday I ran into a couple guys from Crestview Real Estate standing on the property they now own, at Northwest Highway and Ferndale.

“So, what’s going in?” I asked them.

And one of the men, Crestview’s Grey Stogner, queried, “What do you think should go here?”

I chuckled. “I heard Starbucks.” And he said, “Starbucks is a possibility. What do you think?”

I told him some people feared a Starbucks could hurt business at nearby White Rock Coffee, but, democratic as I am, I added, though I have heard Starbucks can actually benefit independent cafes, and that the mere presence of Starbucks can mean good things for surrounding real estate.

And he just smiled and nodded as I yammered on.

Crestview owns the property now

Crestview owns the property now

Later on we exchanged emails, and he filled me in on potential happenings on the patch. “We have things working here but nothing solidified at this point die to the zoning process within the City of Dallas,” he notes. The property currently is zoned for automotive use and an application for rezoning has been submitted.

He invited me to check out the Crestview website where I “can see that [they] have some quality properties, so I can rest assured that whatever [they] do here will be a big improvement for the neighborhood.”

He notes that Crestview recently built a CareNow at I-635 and Abrams, on the site of the old Steak & Ale.

“This was a big eyesore for the City of Dallas,” he notes. The CareNow is unusual for them, as they typically build retail, he says.

Regarding Ferndale and Northwest, he says the location has great potential and “will end up being some sort of retail or restaurant.”

He estimates having a more specific answer by early July, at which point I plan to check back in with him. And you can check back in with me.