LHHS' old marquee

LHHS’ old marquee

It wasn’t a fire or high winds that took out the marquee in front of Lake Highlands High School. It wasn’t vandalism or a senior prank. It wasn’t even hooligans from Berkner or no-good-niks from Highland Park High. LHHS is getting a brand new, state-of-the art marquee, courtesy of a collaboration by the Excellence in Education Fund (better known as Wild for Cats) and the Lake Highlands Women’s League.

“Demolition began on the existing marquee March 25th,” says Principal Frank Miller, “and installation should be completed by this Friday, April 8th. The display will be programmable and accessible through our district’s network – no more climbing the ladder and praying that no one gets hurt. Karen [Clardy] can program the messages from her house or office and easily upload information and pictures sent to her electronically. We can post school information in real time from multiple formats. The screen itself is LED, double face and full color. We will have the ability to post color digital photos and scroll multiple messages within the City of Dallas guidelines.”

“Richardson High School installed a similar sign at Spring Break,” continues Miller, “though they had to lower theirs and adhere to greater restrictions on its use due to Richardson City Code. Also LH will have a higher resolution than RHS. We purchased more pixels for greater resolution and to meet future software needs.”

Miller says the benefits of the marquee are many.

“First, I think the sign communicates and markets our community’s belief in our children’s future, a future driven by digital information. Second, the center of Lake Highlands is the high school. Parents, students and community members drive and walk by LH daily. So much information can be pushed out to drivers, walkers, families at the park, etc. without directly intruding into the house. Third, the sign is an incredible way to showcase and praise students, programs and events. I can see our Exchange Club Youth of the Month and Character Counts on the sign, I can see Women’s League Scholarship recipients on the sign and Teacher of the Month on the sign – there are so many possibilities.”

The first message Miller will put in lights?

“A great big personal thank you! The marquee is a reality thanks to our community support. I am excited to see our kids’ faces when they see the sign, and even more excited to see a kid’s face looking up at their picture and name on the marquee because they are amazing.”

Old marquee at LHHS

Old marquee at LHHS