Duyen "Daisy" Tran

Duyen “Daisy” Tran

As if the shooting of the carhop at Sonic wasn’t enough of a jolt, here’s another. The victim, a young female employee outside sweeping during a March 6 burglary attempt at Sonic’s Audelia and Royal location? She’s pregnant.

Lake Highlands resident Jim Roberts was moved when he first heard about the shooting and contacted the Sonic manager about setting up a bank fund for the employee. He was surprised, he says, to receive an email of thanks from her directly but more surprised by what it said.

“My name is Duyen Tran. I’m the carhop that was working at the Sonic Drive-In on Audelia and got assaulted. Carlos, the morning manager, told me about what you wanted to do to help me out and I asked him for your contact information if that’s okay with you. I am truly grateful and honored that you and everyone else wants to help me out at this difficult time, but I am not so sure that I can accept you guys’ hard working money. You’ve all worked hard for what you have and I couldn’t just accept that. I just wouldn’t feel right. I was taught to never accept money from people unless I’ve earned it. There is probably other people that can use that money more than me. Things can only get better from here and I’m sure that I can figure something out. What’s important is that my unborn baby and me made it out from this alive and that we are going to be okay and all of your concerns truly makes me feel like the happiest and loved person in the world. Thanks again for everything.”

Her humility and polite efforts to decline only reinforced Roberts determination to help Tran and her growing family, so he solicited the help of neighbor Becky Williamson to spread the word. Williamson, who knows Tran personally and says she goes by “Daisy,” helped to “convey LH’s giving spirit and concern about this brave young lady,” says Roberts.

“When I told Daisy that the community had gone ahead and set up an account for her she sobbed,” shared Williamson on her homeowners’ association networking site. “She does need the financial help, and is on bed rest for another two weeks. She will get some kind of compensation  from Sonic, but there is no guarantee when that money will come or how much it will be.”

Tran was shot in the leg but is expected to make a full recovery in time. Her unborn child was apparently unharmed.

If you would like to help, Legacy Texas Bank is located at Audela and Walnut Hill near Neighbors Casual Kitchen. Checks should be made out to “Duyen Tran Victim Fund.”

Sonic at Audelia and Royal

Sonic at Audelia and Royal