Yes, that is Napoleon Dynamite. (Advocate 2007)

We know, we know. You don’t care about reality TV and celebrity. You don’t watch “The Bachelor,” right? Well then, you probably wouldn’t be interested in this Advocate flashback from 2007, our lighthearted story about neighborhood residents’ brushes with the rich and famous — Chris Harrison, Erykah Badu, Don Henley, Morgan Fairchild, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Biel, Jon Heder, Angie Harmon, Val Kilmer, Annie Liebovitz and several Dallas Cowboys included.

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The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison 2007

On the other hand, it wouldn’t hurt to sneak a peek at “Lake Highlands’ Six Degrees to Celebrity.”

Salacious and sensational soap opera Hollywood tends to feel very, very far removed from our own little neck of the woods. But the glitzy limelight might not shine that far from our neighborhood after all. Some of our neighbors actually knew them before the big break, others have rubbed elbows with A-listers in their line of work, and still others just happened to encounter a star in passing — proving that, in the end, this is indeed a small world. … more 


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