Dallas police vehicle. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Dallas police vehicle. (Photo by Danny Fulgencio)

Fiercely fighting females thwart attacks at two different northeast Dallas locations.

A woman last Friday had just parked her car in the lot of the Hilton Head Apartments, on McCree near Jupiter, and she was heading toward her apartment when a man grabbed her. He covered her mouth and nose with a gloved hand. She managed to fight him off, she told police. She kicked and and tripped the man, who was dressed in black coveralls. She hollered for help as they both tumbled to the ground. A neighbor, hearing her cries, ran to her aid as the perp fled the scene.

A second victim reported a similar attack just 15 minutes later at the nearby Villas at La Risa apartments at 12825 Jupiter near Northwest Highway. This time the suspect reportedly dragged the victim behind a nearby dumpster, attempting to choke her and throw her to the ground. But this woman also fought like hell until her attacker gave up and took off northbound on Jupiter. A witness gave chase, but the suspect got away.

Police suspect the crimes are connected.

The Hilton Head

Two different women fought off attacks at The Villas at La Risa and Hilton Head Apartments, respectively. Both complexes are on the edge of Lake Highlands.

“Given the close proximity in time and distance, detectives are working to determine whether these assaults were committed by the same suspect,” notes a public information officer in a report.

Neither woman suffered serious physical injury. The first described her attacker as a Black male, early 30s and approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall. The second victim, who was snatched from behind, did not see her attacker

Anyone with information related to these crimes should contact the Dallas Police Department’s assaults unit at 214.671.3593.