Chris Harrison and Laney Norris

Chris Harrison and Laney Norris

Hoping for some inside scoop on this season of The Bachelor? Skip the online spoiler sites and ask the Lady Wildcat soccer team. Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality dating shows, was on hand to cheer for his alma mater Friday night as they faced Highland Park at HPHS.

“He was there to watch the daughter of a family friend,” says Laney Norris, who plays senior defender for the Cats and sat with him during the junior varsity game.

Laney, a varsity captain, high-tailed it to the stadium because she wanted to support her JV sisters. Oh yeah. And because, “one of the parents texted us and told us he was there.”

But wasn’t it distracting, knowing he was in the stands?

“I did look for him during warm up,” admits Laney, “but after that, I was focused on the big game.” It was rival Highland Park, after all. (LH lost.)

“I watch The Bachelor every Monday,” says Laney. “I usually watch by myself because I talk to the TV too much.”

I feel ya’ Laney. Like, Olivia, what is the deal with your mouth? And, Emily, how could say that about your twin sister?

“And I could never be on the show, because I couldn’t handle dating someone who is also dating 20 other people,” continues Laney. “Although I would love to go on all the vacations and wear the great dresses.”

Harrison, who also hosts Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, was delightful.

“He was so nice and friendly, and he seemed like a normal person,” says Laney. “My mom [Laura Enlow Norris, who graduated LHHS a few years before Harrison] told me he was friends with my godfather, Bill Barfoot, so I Facetimed him, and Bill and Chris talked for a while.”

Sounds like Laney will have a great story to tell when she hits the Texas A&M campus in the fall. Oh, and Laney’s prediction: Bachelor Ben Higgins likes Dallasite JoJo Fletcher, but will likely choose Lauren Bushnell for the final rose.