Argyle Residential, the company building a multifamily community at the Lake Highlands Town Center filed a request for a minor amendment to its planned development. Because the application, which is public record, asks for revisions to the number of apartment units, neighbors’ collective ears perked up—it’s as if we are always waiting for these developers to disappoint. Are they planning to up the density of this new residential complex? Only by one one-bedroom unit, it appears.

In a detailed summary of changes, Argyle Residential — which is owned and operated by Lake Highlands Town Center developers Cypress Real Estate Advisors — asks that the city allow revision of the number of new units to 258 and the number of allowed units remaining to 442. The original plan included 257 units, says Danielle Lerma, a City of Dallas planner. All of the other details, including removing one eastern parking garage ingress, are in line with accommodating that one extra unit. So it truly is a minor amendment.

The four-story Argyle Residential apartments will neighbor the existing Haven Lake Highlands apartments, which are of comparable height and density.

Developers Cypress Real Estate Advisors have dramatically changed the original Lake Highlands Town Center plans, most recently in a presumable effort to bring Sprouts grocery store to the property, however we have yet to see the Sprouts (it’s just a matter of time, by all accounts). The rest of their plan, as we have mentioned before, looks a something like this:


For more background, read our 2015 feature story about the town center’s journey from inception to right before they forfeited tax funding, which allowed them to proceed with plans the city would not approve.