Haute Sweets Patisserie on Northwest Highway smells exactly like you’d expect — sugary, spicy and way beyond nicely. The boutique bakery is the home base of Haute Sweets’ wholesale baking company, which is largely how co-owners Gianni Santin and Tida Pichakron make their livings. They make desserts for restaurants, hotels and catering companies, which usually pass off Haute Sweets’ works as their own, making Santin and Pichakron ghostwriters of baked sweets.

It’s a somewhat thankless job, but Santin says he doesn’t mind keeping a low profile, as long as his clients treat his desserts with respect by storing and presenting them correctly. Not to mention, Haute Sweets has received plenty of recognition on its own. This newly opened patisserie on Northwest Highway has quickly become a local favorite due to its most popular item — macarons. These sweet, colorful confections that line the display case are part of the reason why the location exists at all, Santin explains.

Long before Haute Sweets had a retail location, neighbors would go to Haute Sweets to buy macarons and other goodies via the bakery’s backdoor. Eventually, creating a retail space for customers who simply wanted a treat or two, made sense. Santin and Pichakron change out their desserts to keep regular customers on their toes. They also offer gluten- free, vegan and even paleo options for neighbors with dietary restrictions; just a few weeks ago they rolled out several holiday items, such as holiday tarts, pumpkin latte mousse and, of course, gingerbread and chocolate peppermint macarons.

Haute Sweets Patisserie
10230 E. Northwest Highway


Price range:

Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Sat 10 a.m.-6 pm.
Closed Sun

Did you know?
Haute Sweets has a little window where customers can watch the bakers in action.

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