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We already know his opinion on the impending zombie apocalypse and his guilty TV pleasures, and we learned a good deal about his plans, now that Adam McGough, District 10 Councilman, is in office. Now NeighborsGo tosses a few so-called “screwball questions” at McGough, who’s probably thinking, “They don’t know screwball. The Advocate knows screwball.” Anyway, learn about his favorite foods and what song he’d sing at a City Hall karaoke (that’s a good one, I’ll give ’em that).

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White Rock area moms donate mother’s milk to new dads. WFAA has the story.

A man was pronounced dead Wednesday at Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake while in police captivity. Police transported the man, who had a lengthy criminal history, from East Dallas, where he was behaving erratically and removing his clothes. “The four officers who responded to the call were assigned to the Northeast Patrol Division and have been placed on administrative leave in accordance with department policy,” reports the Dallas Morning News.