Altercation at area 7-11 leaves 21-year old dead

Dallas Police
Site of fatal stabbing, near Skillman and I-635

Early the morning of July 4, 21-year old Andrew Johnson was found stabbed in the chest in a 7-11 parking lot near Skillman and I-635. Johnson died at Presbyterian Hospital later that morning.

Two witnesses at the scene told police an altercation preceded the stabbing and that the killer had fled on foot.

Suspect in stabbing Turner: Dallas Police
Suspect in stabbing Hugh Turner: Dallas Police

Responding officers followed a trail of blood to a nearby apartment where 35-year-old Hugh Edward Turner, who they later arrested for the crime, lives with his mother and brother. Turner’s brother told the officers his mother had driven Turner to the hospital, according to the arrest warrant.

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Indeed, police located Turner at the hospital where he had received medical attention for a cut finger. Turner told hospital staff the fight was gang related, according to the arrest warrant.

Turner has been charged with murder and his bond set at $500,000.

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