Town Center I

Lake Highlands Town Center

If you’ve been hoping to be heard on all things Lake Highlands Town Center, now’s your chance. Richard Duge, president of the White Rock Valley Neighborhood Association has created a survey to collect input from the community, and he’s hoping to have as many responses from as many corners of LH as possible.

You can participate using the link here.

The survey is anonymous, and you’ll be asked, among other things, how often you eat out, how old your kids are, and how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood. You’ll also have a chance to tell whether, once your kids are grown, you’d consider moving from your home into an LHTC condo. There’s also a space for suggestions on what types of restaurants you’d like to see recruited to the LHTC and “what it would take to make the Lake Highlands Town Center your primary shopping source.”

Duge, who had more than 600 responses in the first 5 hours, says he will share the results with developers Cypress Real Estate Advisors and with Councilman Adam McGough, who has promised to support the desires of the community when it comes to his influence over town center happenings. And we’ll share them with you, here on the blog.