Surveillance video of a postal working dropping off a package to a Lake Highlands home is making headlines and the evening news. Watch the video above. Heck, watch it twice and in slow motion — it’s short.

Keep in mind as you read on, the contents of the parcel were unscathed. Again, this made the evening news.

Granted, the postal worker literally dropped off this package, which contained a lovely and I’m sure expensive antique pitcher.

The antique pitcher that did not get damaged when a postal worker dropped it

The antique pitcher that did not get damaged when a postal worker dropped it

The hand-painted product was protectively packaged, so, no damage.

Homeowner/antique pitcher recipient, Cathy Roach of Whispering Hills, was annoyed by the behavior of the mail carrier, who chunked her delivery some distance from her front door. There have been problems recently with stolen packages in the neighborhood, Roach noted, and this sort of apathy doesn’t help.

The mail carrier’s actions were clearly sloppy, and documented, so Roach posted the video on a semi-private social media group on That makes sense — neighborhood social media groups are good places for voicing concerns, venting frustrations, exploring possible solutions to problems like mail-carrier carelessness. But then it was on the evening news.

NBC 5 reporter Ken Kalthoff braved the afternoon heat to track down the offending postal worker during her shift. She told him the controversially released package slipped from her hands and that she needed to get on with delivering a truckload of mail.

So the usps change of address service issued a statement to the public.

“Postal employees take great pride in their work delivering for the American public. The Postal Service invests in training all employees to ensure the proper handling of all packages entrusted to us. If we discover an incident of a package being thrown or mishandled, we immediately investigate and take appropriate steps to remedy the situation with the customer and to prevent future incidents by the carrier or clerk involved.”