Alejandro Arzola: Courtesy Arzola family

Alejandro Arzola: Photo courtesy Arzola family

Alejandro Arzola was last seen in the northeast Dallas area, on the outskirts of our neighborhood, more than a month ago. The circumstances of his disappearance have left his family baffled.

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On the afternoon of June 20, 32-year-old Arzola was driving along Northwest Highway toward the I-635 onramp when he crashed and rolled his blue Dodge Ram truck in an apparent single-car accident. Afterward, he called his girlfriend, told her he’d been in an accident, he was OK, and asked her to pick him up. According to Arzola’s family, the girlfriend did not have a car and could not reach him. He’d have to find another way home.

When Dallas Police officers arrived at the scene, they found the wrecked truck but no Arzola. At first, everyone assumed he found another ride, but hours and days went by and no one heard from him. Now, more than a month later, Arzola’s family is still searching for answers.

“It is not like him to disappear, and for over a month, it is just not something he would do,” sister Yadira Arzola says. He has two children, ages 13 and 5, and the eldest is worried to tears some days, she adds.

“We are trying to stick together and support the kids,” she says, “but it this really hard, and confusing.”

She says Alejandro drinks alcohol occasionally but has no known history of substance abuse or mental problems. She says she “has no idea” if he was drinking the day he disappeared.

She says she thinks he might have been shaken or shocked following the accident. During that last phone call, when his girlfriend asked where he was, he seemed initially confused, Arzola says.

He grew up in Dallas, in Oak Cliff mostly. The close-knit family has always lived around the central and northeast Dallas region, so he is familiar with the area, she says.

She says police are exploring the possibilities of him leaving the scene intentionally. They have to explore all the possibilities, she says.

I did not receive and immediate response from the detective handling the missing persons case, but I will hopefully update as we receive more information from him.

Arzola's abandoned truck: Photo courtesy Arzola family

Arzola’s abandoned truck: Photo courtesy Arzola family

Anyone who has seen Arzola should call police at 214.671.4268.

He is a Hispanic male, 5-feet, 10-inches tall, 180 pounds. He has a tattoo on his lower left arm of a woman in a sombrero.