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Proposed Rezoning signs at the Northeast Police Substation — located at Northwest Highway and Audelia, amid several residential neighborhoods — are related to a request to allow the construction of a communication tower on the property.

According to the June 15 city planning commission meeting agenda, the application asks for rezoning that would allow the placement of a “radio, microwave or television tower” on the northeast substation land.

The commission recommended approval, subject to a revised site plan and conditions.

The request raises a couple questions — how large is this proposed tower and what is its purpose? Here are the answers, from the City of Dallas’ IT department:

“The tower is only 100-feet tall and it is a monopole design. It is designed to hold a new microwave link, and will allow us to increase the bandwidth for data transfer at the site to 160MB versus the current 10MB at the station. This new bandwidth will allow the police to better serve the community. This new data link will not have any recurring costs like the current ATT service does.”