Adam McGough: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Every vote counts. That’s what the bumper sticker says.  The old adage held true as Adam McGough narrowly edged Paul Reyes in the run-off for the District 10 City Council seat. “Narrowly” might be too generous. McGough received exactly 3,000 votes to Reyes’ 2,965. Thirty five votes out of 5,965 cast. 50.29 percent to 49.71 percent. Will they be counting chads next week?

A brief review of the precincts shows how McGough won. Roughly speaking, McGough won the northern and eastern parts of the district while Reyes won the southern and western portions. Every precinct outside of 635 went for McGough, some heavily. This was James White’s turf and his endorsement appears to have made a difference. Some residents of those neighborhoods, as voiced by White during the general election, feel underrepresented in Lake Highlands community issues. They spoke up on Saturday. McGough kept it close inside 635 and won big outside the interstate loop.

A new voice for District 10 emerges in Adam McGough. More to come.