Joel Rosenzweig (in red) with Jerry Allen, Luke Davis, Don Lee and David Brown

Joel Rosenzweig (in red) with Jerry Allen, Luke Davis, Don Lee and David Brown

Students at Lake Highlands High School have organized the 1st Annual Rosenzweig Memorial Bowling Tournament to honor their beloved senior social studies teacher who died October 29. Rosenzweig, who also led the film club, Lake Cinematique, sponsored Student Council and founded LHHS’ bowling team, the Alley Cats, taught at LHHS for more than 14 years.

“Mr. Rosenzweig remains an inspiration and a motivational force to many Lake Highlands students,” says Micael Lonergan, president of the LHHS Student Council. “He was my active advocate, my biggest supporter and my strong friend. I am a very passionate person, and to be matched with someone just as invested in their projects as I am in mine is one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. I needed someone to show me how to direct all of the passion that I have, and Mr. Rosenzweig was there to teach me how to apply this energy and dedication in a healthy, enjoyable way. I could never ask for a better mentor. I will always carry these lessons with me.”

The event will be held Saturday, March 21 at 7 p.m. at USA Bowl, 10920 Composite Drive near Walnut Hill and I-35. Tickets are $15 for two games and rental of shoes (discounts are available for students on free and reduced lunch) and can be purchased during lunchtime at LHHS or at the event. Donations will also be accepted. Proceeds will go to the Rosenzweig Annual Student Scholarship.

“This bowling tournament plays many roles,” continues Micael. “It is funding a scholarship in Mr. Rosenzweig’s name so that future students may be able to experience on the simplest of levels the way he encouraged people to go beyond their limits and do greater things. It is providing an opportunity for those of us on the Student Council team to use the skills that he taught us to execute a goal that we think is very worthwhile. It is a platform for community bonding. Also, it will keep his memory alive.”

If you’d like to contribute, you may mail or deliver a donation to LHHS Student Council, 9449 Church Road, Dallas TX 75238.