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We knew it would happen eventually, and now the neighborhood is starting to see the effects of Albertsons’ recent acquisition of United Supermarkets (better known in DFW as Market Street) and merger with Safeway (known here as Tom Thumb).

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(Not sure what we’re talking about? Read up on the background here.)

In East Dallas, the Albertsons at Abrams and Mockingbird was the first to bite it. It closed on Monday as an Albertsons and opened the next day as a Minyard Sun Fresh Market. They didn’t open until late Tuesday afternoon due to issues with the register, but the sign out front had been switched out to reflect the transition (pictured above).

As far as what shoppers will notice, only the new registers are different. The rest of the store is exactly the same. All the same products are available and the same employees are there.

The Albertsons on Northwest at Ferndale will be the next to make the transition on Feb. 17. Like the Mockingbird location, the store will closed at 6 p.m. on the 16th and open the next day as a Minyard.

The Albertsons in Casa Linda Plaza

The Albertsons in Casa Linda Plaza

Only the registers will change, and everything else will stay the same.

That just leaves the location in Casa Linda Plaza, which won’t be switching over at all.

Store manager Kevin Reagan says concerned neighbors have been dropping by regularly to ask if the location will soon become a Minyard, but he says the Casa Linda location was the only Albertsons in Dallas that wasn’t a part of the Safeway merger.