Lake Highlands Elementary: Google Maps

Lake Highlands Elementary: Google Maps

The Spring Valley Athletic Association and Richardson ISD are considering turning the field surrounding Lake Highlands Elementary into a multi-use athletic field for SVAA leaguers. According to an RISD spokesperson, “The school is in initial stages of gathering information, and has yet to make a decision about whether to pursue the idea further.” CBS News indicates that “a battle” over the possible use of the land is underway — a reporter spoke with a nearby homeowner who did not seem particularly combative, but did say she opposes the idea due to potential traffic and noise issues. A partnership between SVAA and RISD would be nothing new — five other RISD schools have similar land sharing partnerships with SVAA.

“A 9-year-old Lake Highlands boy is on a mission to find the person who lost a wallet containing a lot of money. But five weeks have passed, and so far, no one has claimed it,” reports Channel 11’s Stephanie Lucero. Jacob Howell, a third-grade student at White Rock Elementary says he’s determined to get the wallet back to its rightful owner.

Jonathan Puckett, suspected of assaulting an off-duty officer:

Jonathan Puckett, suspected of assaulting an off-duty officer: Kentucky Department of Corrections

Knife-weilding shopper Jonathan Puckett allegedly cut an off-duty police officer who attempted to detain him. The officer (who was working an extra security job at a neighborhood area Wal Mart) then shot Puckett two times, in the torso and leg, wounding him, according to this Morning News story. Officer Larry Moody, a seven year veteran of the Dallas Police Department was treated for a knife wound to his hand. He has been placed on leave pending an investigation. Puckett, who reportedly was carrying four knives, was charged with aggravated assault on a public servant.