Christmas yard decorations

Christmas yard decorations

A recent rash of thefts has Lake Highlands residents on edge and staying in touch via homeowner’s association messaging systems. In most cases, Christmas decorations have been taken or vandalized, but delivered packages and other items are on thieves’ “hit list,” as well.

“We had a trailer stolen overnight that had cabinetry on it,” Katie Smith wrote on the Nextdoor Tri-Alliance system, which communicates with homeowners via daily email. “It was attached/locked to a truck, sitting out front. We didn’t see or hear anything. Police just said lots of robberies are going on. Also, be sure to pick up your packages. Our son and daughter-in-law had packages stolen off their Crestlake porch during the day.”

“So, the kids hit us again last night,” complained Natalie Schock, a resident of Lake Highlands North who used home security video to get a look at the repeat perpetrators. “This time it looks like a white SUV.  I did not hear the loud engine this time, we were sleeping. They are definitely kids. They didn’t get the deer [decorations] because we have them tied down. Looks like it happened around 11:30 last night.”

“Someone started pulling up all the lights I had surrounding my driveway,” shared Patty May. “I was so tired I just let my dog out. He is so sweet and would not hurt anyone, but he is big and barks. I don’t think they will be back to my place.”

“Vandalism at Christmastime was really bad about 9 or 10 years ago,” wrote Toni Stroud, another Lake Highlands North resident. “Our neighbors had their inflatables torn several times and I even caught one in the act and chased him down the street while his ride was waiting for him. My neighbors got a Nativity-themed inflatable which they hoped would curb their naughtiness for fear of damnation. It may get worse once schools are closed for the holiday. I’m okay with light-hearted pranks, but not stealing or destruction of property.”

Crime Watch Chairman Ted Steinke is asking residents to be extra-vigilant.

“Our neighborhood has been hit pretty hard by people driving our streets and stealing/vandalizing outdoor Christmas ornaments. If anyone has video of such incidents, and especially if you have license numbers or vehicle descriptions, please let me or your neighborhood crime watch know. Our ENP [Enhanced Neighborhood Patrol] officers are going to be active in the early morning hours for the rest of the month, and any identification info about the vehicles/persons will be helpful.”

You can also send tips to Dallas Police at 214-671-4TIPS or email them at