Groups from Lake Highlands and Garland areas are pursuing a project that would do for East 635 what LBJ Express is doing for the western part of 635.

The Lake Highlands Chamber will host a public meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 12, at the Audelia Library (Church and Audelia) at 6:30 p.m. to present ideas and plans for an Interstate Highway 635 East project, which would widen 635/LBJ east of Central Expressway to I-30.

“The Interstate Highway 635 East project, from [Central] to I-30, is essential to the future of the Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce creating economic development, promoting safety, and redevelopment opportunities, impacting the City of Dallas, county and state of Texas,” note meeting organizers via an invitation to the meeting.

The LBJ Express project, north of Central to I-35 is under construction, “adding capacity to increase mobility in the northern portion of Dallas County,” organizers notes.

The Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce has joined a City of Garland coalition in an effort to push a project that would do the same for the eastern part of 635, Chamber representatives note: “You are invited to come out learn more about this project and how it will impact you as a business owner or resident of Lake Highlands.”

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can read a bit about the proposal here.