Police fire, one perp flees, no one hurt but suspect at large …

Dallas Police are still looking for a man who was involved in an early morning retail-shop break-in in north Lake Highlands.

When I left my Woodbridge neighborhood at about 6 a.m., a helicopter with a spotlight was low circling our area and police cruisers were posted at the ends of at least two different streets. Turns out northeast police caught a burglary in progress at a Forest Audelia shop. After firing one shot but not hitting anyone, police apprehended one suspect and the other — the one they were all looking for this morning — fled. He still has not been apprehended. Here is the narrative:

Oct. 22 at 5:42 a.m. officers responded to a suspicious activity behind a business. Once one of the officers arrived, he searched the surrounding area. The officer observed the back door of the business had been pried opened. He then observed two suspects trying to exit the location. The suspects ran back inside the location. They tried to exit through the front door, which was locked. The suspects then ran to the back exit. One of the suspects was able to get away. The other suspect placed himself in a dark area behind a counter, where the officer could not see the suspect’s hands. The officer gave several loud verbal commands for the suspect to show his hands, but suspect was non-compliant. The officer discharged his weapon; however, the suspect was not injured. The suspect’s actions are under investigation. No weapon has been found at this time. That suspect is currently in custody. The other suspect remains at large. He is described as a Black male. Investigating efforts are ongoing to find him.  No officers or suspects were injured during this incident.

This shopping strip is no stranger to crime. Deadly altercations and even drive-by shootings generally garner little surprise. It is a relatively violent area. Luckily this particular incident leaves no bodies.