Henrik Larsson, Getty Images

Henrik Larsson, Getty Images

A second case of West Nile has been reported in Lake Highlands.

The City of Dallas confirmed a fifth 2014 Dallas case of West Nile virus and it is in the 75243 area.

In August, the city confirmed a case in 75238.

Last year Dallas experienced an unprecedented West Nile outbreak, according to environmental specialist Michael Sanders with City of Dallas. The disease is spread by mosquito bite and the best way to prevent contraction of the illness is to avoid mosquito bite, using the “Four Ds”: 1. Dusk until dawn, stay indoors. 2. Drain standing water. 3. Dress in long sleeves/pants. 4. DEET or other insect repellent — use it.

West Nile can cause long-lasting severe illness and even death in vulnerable people.