TSB_9603_optThe northwest corner of Walnut Hill and Rambler may soon be home to a six-story 250-unit apartment community.

That’s if the city of Dallas approves a zoning application to change for the 1.86-acres of land, which currently houses the Bank of Texas, from retail/office zoning to planned development district. Approval of the zoning change would allow for construction of new multi-family housing.

About a mile northwest on the corner of Meadow and Manderville another set of developers are planning to build even more multi-family housing — a 350-unit apartment community to be exact. Steve Brown with DMN reports that these developers are the same ones behind the 42-acre Preston Hollow Village development underway just on the other side of 75.

Considering the re-zoning requests and building permits necessary to begin each project, it will likely be quite some time before we see action on either site.