Grilled shrimp vermicelli with pork egg rolls: Photo by Mark Davis

Grilled shrimp vermicelli with pork egg rolls: Photo by Mark Davis

Driving along Upper Greenville after dark, it’s hard to miss the newly opened Rollngo. The fast-casual, Asian-fusion hole in the wall is decked out with so much neon that you’re bound to spot it. Owner Michael Dang wanted to create a more modern, grab-and-go concept similar to his other restaurant in Lake Highlands, Bistro B. “It’s just like a night club!” Dang says. Even the ceiling twinkles with LED lights reminiscent of those found inside a limousine. However, the customers don’t come to dance; they come to eat well-executed staples of Asian cuisine, from what is likely one of the thickest menus in the neighborhood. There are the usual suspects — Bahn Mi sandwiches served on airy baguettes and steaming bowls of pho noodle soup — but there are other standout menu items based on generations-old family recipes from Vietnam. The shaken beef platter is juicy and tender, with so much tomato, rice and vegetables that having leftovers is inevitable. And don’t miss the restaurant’s namesake — the rice paper rolls. With sticky rice paper, crispy grilled pork and a tangy dipping sauce, the rolls are the crown jewel for Dang. “You won’t find the recipe for these on the internet. It’s a secret.” Dang does reveal that the cooks wait to cut the daikons, cucumber and carrots to ensure that each ingredient stays fresh. By day, customers keep cool on Rollngo’s shaded patio while sipping on a sweet drink from the smoothie bar.


6110 Greenville, Suite 100

Ambiance: trendy

Price range: $5-$10

10 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Friday
11 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday-Sunday

Did you know?
Per customer request, owner Michael Dang says that he plans on adding more grilled and vegetarian dishes to the Rollngo menu this summer.

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