Recently vacated Tom Thumb space rumored to be site of new Sprouts

Recently vacated Tom Thumb space rumored to be site of new Sprouts

Although the company has no official announcement, there is some serious buzz regarding Sprouts Lake Highlands.

The popular theory is that it will occupy the former Tom Thumb space at Skillman-Abrams.

A reliable insider who officially can’t say anything does confirm that Sprouts has been looking seriously at Lake Highlands. And we have been hearing that for years.

I was told that councilman Jerry Allen told one of his constituents that Sprouts was moving to the Skillman-Abrams spot, so I called him to see what he knew. Allen is the district 10 representative so the property in question is “in his backyard”. He says he was under the impression a few weeks back that it was a done deal, but that, no, he hasn’t been told anything, officially.

“My impression is that Sprouts is looking at this community and they’ve looked at that spot.”

So, let’s assume Sprouts does move into the former Tom Thumb space, then where does that leave the Lake Highlands Town Center, which also was once the rumored location of the future Lake Highlands Sprouts?

We most-likely return to the Tom Thumb prediction, (we had information indicating that Tom Thumb was seriously considering LHTC) which has more potential now, considering the forecasted merge of Tom Thumb with Albertsons, which also owns Market Street.

Though the management of LHTC has shifted, Allen says he expects Cypress Real Estate Advisors and Trammell Crow to remain true, in general, to what the town center developers promised the community years ago, within reason.

“They understand the citizens have painted a picture of what they want for the town center and we expect that, while they might have to tweak it a little, the leadership of this community, I, expect that to come true.”