bonchonThe new Korean-fusion joint proved when it opened its doors last week to be quite popular. Too popular, it seems. Unable to handle the volume, they have decided to close down for a few days in order to pull themselves together.

We wrote recently about the opening of BonChon on upper Greenville and about the general manager’s hiring efforts. He told us even days before the opening that he was still looking for waitstaff and bartenders.

Eagerness on the part of either the existing staff or someone higher up the BonChon hierarchy apparently led to a premature opening. But, hey, you have to give them credit for admitting they jumped the gun and stopping the bleeding before anyone got too hurt.

Here is what the BonChon staff told customers via social media:

Dear Fans,

In our enthusiasm to bring Bonchon to Dallas, we failed to prepare for the sheer volume of orders that we have received. Our staff is trying their best, but they are still new and have literally been overwhelmed. The result has been inconsistent quality in our food and long wait times for our customers.

For this, we owe you and our staff an apology, and we will do everything we can to fix this.

We have made the difficult decision to close for business over the next few days. We will use this time to give some relief to our overworked staff and to add and train additional staff.

We believe this is the best way to ensure that we can provide you with the quality of food and service that you deserve. We will post another update when we are ready to reopen our doors.

Thank you for welcoming Bonchon to Dallas.

The Owners of Bonchon Dallas