Indecent exposure, fleeing the scene, prescription fraud and robbery are among the crimes that have occurred in the Northeast police region/Lake Highlands, over the past week or so.

Day: Dec. 8
Place: 10961 Villahaven, residence
Crime: A 73-year-old homeowner reported that someone broke into the garage and stole electric lawn care equipment worth about $80.

Day: Dec. 8
Place: Race Track at 8124 Forest
Crime: In the gas station parking lot, a man is accused of exposing himself to a 17-year-old female. He was gone when police arrived and an arrest has not been made. The police report does not contain a description of the perp.

Day: Dec. 9
Place: Street, Royal and Skillman
Crime: Police pulled over a bright orange Ford Taurus with the license plate BBC8849. While the patrolman was checking the suspect’s license and insurance inside the police car, the suspect “accelerated away from the scene at a high rate of speed,” according to the reporting officer, who did not pursue.

Day: Dec. 9
Place: National Tire Battery, Forest and Central
Crime: At about 3:45 a.m. a suspect shattered the lobby window and got away with $1500 worth of Michelin tires, and alarm clock and a desk calculator. Police do not have a description of the suspect.

Day: Dec. 10
Place: Walgreens, 9807 Walnut Hill
Crime: A woman attempted to fill a fraudulent prescription. The perp gave the pharmacist an RX for 60 Lortab, a narcotic painkiller, and when the pharmacist called the prescribing doctor to verify the prescription, the pharmacist learned that it was a fake. The suspect, who also was in possession of multiple credit cards that did not belong to her, was arrested in the Walgreens waiting area.

Day: Dec. 12
Place: Abrams Food Mart, 9730 Abrams
Crime: A woman who is a regular customer (previously friendly, according to the clerk) asked for Lotto tickets and a $75 money order. The clerk produced the money order but the woman refused to pay, making off with it. The clerk, who was relatively new to his job, tried to chase the suspect, but she punched and kicked him. She exited the store, but returned a moment later to throw a trash can inside the store. The incident was caught on camera and a detective has been assigned to the case.