Hannah English, center, was among a group of students that raised medical expenses for a teacher with leukemia; now Hannah is waging her own battle with the illness.

Merriman Park Elementary 2nd grader Hannah English and her family learned a couple of months ago that Hannah has leukemia.

Neighborhood families have partnered to stage a blood drive for Hannah. It will take place Dec. 14 from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Knights of Columbus at 10110 Shoreview in Lake Highlands.

Hannah is B+, so that blood type is in specific demand, however donors of all blood types are encouraged to participate.

In rallying donors, organizers note that, “Even through her tough journey, Hannah as been thinking of all the other kids at the hospital and giving them gifts to bring smiles to their faces.”

This is no surprise. Even before she was diagnosed, Hannah English was among a group of students who arranged a lemonade stand to raise treatment funds for an MPE teacher who also has been diagnosed with leukemia. It is clear that she is a giver.

Now, her supporters say, the community has a chance to give to her.

The blood drive is expected to be as festive an event as a blood drive can be. “There will be lots of activities, prizes and good old fashioned community support,” note the organizing families. “A special thank you will be given to one donor chosen from the names of those who sign up online.”

The gift is an 8-by-10 table-top frame donated by The Right Angle Custom Framing.

You can register online to donate blood and schedule your donation time at this link.

Walk-ins are welcome, too.  Call Tim King at 214.536.0288 for further inquiries.