Barney’s New York is accused of racial profiling, according to this and several articles. The ritzy chain in two different cases had black shoppers who bought a pricey belt and bag respectively followed by police. We won’t be experiencing that in Dallas, at least not from Barney’s, because they closed their Northpark store, the only Barney’s in Dallas, last month. The Daily Show’s Larry Wilmore had some fun with the story, saying, “You can’t tell us to pull up our pants and then try to arrest us for buying a belt.”

You might be following the story about Lauren Kavanaugh, a young woman known as “The Girl in the Closet,” on the Dallas Morning News website. After being touched by the horrifying and unbelievably heartbreaking story, White Rock area neighbor Sara Krumholz set up a fund for Kavanaugh at Go Fund Me.

Richardson ISD parents are battling the district after staffers at one of its schools, Prairie Creek Elementary, had to physically remove an autistic student from his classroom. They say the child was physically mistreated. The educators say they handled the situation the best way they knew how. Fox 4 has the video.