Lake Highlands related happenings from around the web—LHHS grad contributes to fantastic movie soundtrack, voting with IDs begins, running-up-the-score controversy in the news again.

1. The stunning trailer for Ben Stiller’s new movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,  features the song “Step Outside” by Anne Clark a.k.a. St. Vincent and Jose Gonzales (second song. The first is a song by Monsters and Men. Clark is a Lake Highlands High School grad — one of many who have gone celeb on us.

So, back up. Yes, I wrote “Ben Stiller” and “stunning” in the same sentence and I mean it. There hasn’t been a movie trailer this hair-prickling and heart lifting since Where the Wild Things Are — remember that one.

In both trailers, the songs (Arcade Fire in the latter) are the main inspiration-inducing ingredient.

2. Reports Tom Benning at the Morning News, “Through Wednesday, more than 3,900 people have cast an early ballot in the first three days of an election that features nine constitutional amendments. The most prominent item on the ballot is a proposal to create a long-term state water fund.” News photojournalist Nathan Hunsinger photographed voters at the Lake Highlands North Recreation Center.

Wildcat baseball photo not from the below mentioned game: Doug Williams

Wildcat baseball photo not from the below mentioned game: Doug Williams

3. This case of running up the score at a high school football game did not happen in Lake Highlands, though we are no strangers to this story or the arguments that surround such events. Remember the Dallas Academy 100-0 basketball game after which a coach was canned? Or there was the 54-0 Wildcat baseball game that stirred up a wee bit of controversy.