Sara and Ryan Holloway with Clyde, Bonnie, Lulu, Spencer and Ally

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If you have been trying to figure out how the new health insurance laws are going to affect you, your family or your business, you might be pulling your hair out.

We’re pretty sure cosmetic hair replacement is not covered on any plan, so stop.

Plus, the panic is unnecessary because there’s a guy here in the neighborhood who can help with the tangles of information, and misinformation.

White Rock-area native Ryan Holloway with Holloway Benefit Concepts understands the nuances of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and he’s here to help.

“Hopefully area business owners aren’t moving forward without first getting educated,” Holloway says. “An uninformed insurance decision can cost a family or business thousands of dollars a year. Being over-or-under insured can be costly and very frustrating.”

Here are a few things you should know, Holloway says:

If you’re already suitably insured, think early renewal. “If what you currently have is working, renewing before January can buy you another 12 months in today’s market. Younger, healthier people are going to see significant price increases.”

“Don’t be a Healthcare.gov guinea pig. They currently have major website issues,” Holloway says. “Take some time and educate yourself on the available options while the bugs get worked out.” Applications for January can be submitted up until December 15 and open enrollment extends through March.

“Know that regardless of where or how you sign up, your costs will be the same. As of January, pricing is completely based on family or employee demographics.”

Subsidies are available to lower and middle income families, but applying can be time-consuming and confusing, especially now with so many web issues. Find a partner who can walk you through the process and be an ongoing resource.

“I just want to be the local resource,” Holloway says. “Helping businesses and residents make educated decisions is my mission.” hollowaybenefitconcepts.com 214.329.0097