teen driversLake Highlands High School librarian Ashlee Davis is on a mission to keep student drivers safe.  Davis also sponsors the LHHS Girls’ Service League, and they’ve teamed up with the LHHS Student Council and State Farm Insurance for National Teen Driver Safety Week, to be held October 18-26 around the country.

During the Celebrate My Drive Campaign, Wildcats are asking students, parents, teachers and members of the Lake Highlands community to make online commitments to drive safely. For everyone over the age of 14 who commits online, a “vote” is counted for LHHS, and the participating school with the most votes wins. Prizes include one of ten $100,000 grants, and the top two schools also get a concert with Kelly Clarkson.

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“Safe driving is important for Lake Highlands because so many of us drive all the time and it becomes a second nature to us, despite the countless safety hazards we can encounter,” said Caitlin Klemme, GSL President and StuCo Treasurer. “It will be good for the community to rally together to keep all of its members safe and help a school we all love become a better place for future generations.”

At school today and at tonight’s football against Jesuit at The Boneyard, students will be sitting at a table with laptops, ready to accept online safe-driving commitments.

“We are hoping that once people ‘vote’,” Davis told me, “they will remember the process and continue to vote once a day, every day. People voting each day will make a huge difference. I truly believe that between our students, staff, and the rallying of the Lake Highlands community, we can pull this off!”

If you are ready to commit to driving safely, log on here to vote for LHHS.