Backyard buildings, converted garages and extra bedrooms scattered throughout the White Rock Lake area serve as creative spaces for local artists.

The public gets the chance to peek into those spaces during the 13th Annual White Rock Lake Artists’ Studio Tour on Oct. 15 and 16.

People “get to see what impetus they have and what they do and how they work,” artist Michael Obranovich says.

Artists at 41 locations will show their work, give demonstrations and provide tours of their workspaces. Artists of all media will be represented including sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, fiber arts, glass and printmaking. The event is self-guided and free.

“It’s a great way to see some nice homes and nice art and spend a really nice afternoon,” Obranovich says.

Obranovich is a founder of the tour, which had eight artists its first year. He, along with artists Marty Ray and David Hickman, adopted the idea from similar tours operated along the California coastline.

“We thought it was a good way to introduce people to artists in the area,” Obranovich says.

All three artists still participate.

For years, Obranovich worked in a studio at the Creative Arts Center and toured the country with his family selling his stoneware ceramics at wholesale shows. When his children got too old for the traveling, he took a teaching job at Highland Park High School.

He teaches art and ceramics at the school and works in studio at his home near Southern Methodist University. He occasionally works with garden ceramics artist Jerry Allegro, with whom he shares studio space for the tour.

By visiting an artist’s home and studio, people get an insight into their creative process and inspiration, Obranovich says. Allegro’s orchid greenhouse is a good example, he says.

“These are the places where people are really doing the artwork,” he says.

The tour falls on the same weekend the Creative Arts Center of Dallas celebrates its 40th anniversary. The center will be open during the tour for classes and demonstrations. The Bath House Cultural Center and the White Rock Weaving Center are also participating.

“It’s wonderful,” Obranovich says. “It’s a great time, and there’s great art for great value.”